Congratulations entering the Australian Culinary Federation Pastry Chef 2021 competition.

This year there is a Responsibly Sweet element to complete:

  1. Replace all added sugar with any Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetened products
  2. Bonus points for a dietary claim eg Low carb, No Added Sugar, Keto, Diabetic friendly

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener is an all natural, game changer in the sugar replacement world. 
A 1:1 replacement for sugar in all baking and cooking with 93% less calories and NO bitter aftertaste. 


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Our origins:

In the early 1990s, our Japanese founder, Shota Saraya, a diabetic, was searching for a sugar-free, natural sweetener that would not compromise his health.

His journey led him to the mountain highlands of Guilin, where he was introduced to the legendary Monk Fruit, grown by Buddhist monks for over 1000 years. In 1995, Lakanto was created to help people around the world reduce their sugar intake, help weight management, control blood sugar, and live a healthier life. Lakanto is a unique blend of high-purity Monk Fruit Extract and non-GMO erythritol.

We still grow and harvest Monk Fruit in the pristine and remote mountain highlands of Asia according to traditional and environmentally-friendly methods.

Monkfruit is part of our product name as the extract used in Lakanto constitutes about 30-40% of the product sweetness. Monk fruit extract is the proper name to describe the sweetness extracted from this fruit, in a form that is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Our goal was to create a product that is a user friendly, great tasting 1:1 sugar substitute, and that is achieved by using monk fruit extract blended with non-GMO erythritol.

SARAYA was the applicant to FSANZ, which in 2019 permitted monk fruit extract to be used as a food additive to GMP level with a recommendation of no maximum daily intake limit.

Our Dietary Benefits 

Replace all the sweetness of sugar with 93% less calories.
SARAYA formulated Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener with non-GMO Erythritol giving it a taste similar to sugar. SARAYA selected Erythritol due to its consistency of granule size, colour, flavour and its natural fermentation.

These Lakanto products that you will be sampling use a unique combination of the sugar alcohol, erythritol, mixed with the monk fruit extract to the create the perfect CUP for CUP sugar alternative.

Diabetic Friendly

Lakanto is Diabetic friendly with its blend of monk fruit extract and non-GMO Erythritol. Monk fruit gets its sweetness from natural compounds called mogrosides (antioxidants). It's generally safe for people with diabetes because it doesn't increase blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar

Gentle on Digestion

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol naturally found in grapes, pears, mushrooms, soy sauce, cheese, wine and beer, so it and has been part of the human diet for thousands of years.

These Lakanto products use a unique combination of the sugar alcohol, erythritol, mixed with the monk fruit extract to the create the perfect sugar alternative. Erythritol has the lowest energy content and is generally the most well tolerated/gentlest on the digestive system out of the sugar alcohols.

However, it is important to note that when consumed in excess, like other sugar alcohols, erythritol  may cause a laxative effect.

Confidence in the Kitchen

Heat stability ensures great taste is delivered consistently across raw and baked products. As a 1:1 sugar replacement it is easy to substitute for sugar in your favourite recipes.

  • All natural
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Zero Glycaemic load impact
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan                           
  • Keto friendly                                   
  • Zero carbs
  • Nothing artificial                                             
  • No bitter aftertaste                     
  • Stevia Free
  • 1-for-1 sugar replacement                       
  • 93% less calories than sugar per serve

Available Australia wide - Foodservice carton and bulk formats available from lakanto.com.au

Classic vs Golden Sweetener

(200g, 500g, 800g, 25kg bags)

Lakanto Classic is a WHITE sugar replacement with 93% less calories. It has a clean, crisp sweetness extracted from the white pulp of the fruit.

Lakanto Golden is a brown or raw cane sugar replacement with 93% less calories. It has a sweet maple flavour and smell. The golden colour and flavour are extracted by including the seed and peel of the Monk Fruit.

Apart from these differences, the nutritional content of Lakanto Classic and Golden are the same. Both measure and sweeten spoon-for-spoon like sugar.

200g Golden Front with Pile & POY 2

Monkfruit Sweeteners specifically made for Better Baking

1kg cartons (200gx5) and 15kg bags

Lakanto Icing Powder replaces Pure Icing Sugar with 93% less calories. It is Lakanto Classic conveniently ground to a fine powder, perfect for dusting and icing recipes. 

Lakanto Baking Blend replaces Caster Sugar with 87% less calories. It blends Lakanto Classic with some natural ingredients to dissolve quickly for even sweetness, and supports browning and moisture retention in cookies and cakes. It has fibre and low carb benefits to qualify for a 5 Health star rating which we aim to add the the pack soon.5 star rating image


Baking Mixes sweetened with Monkfruit Sweetener

Lakanto Low Carb Protein Pancake Mix replaces traditional pancake mixes with up to 90% less sugar. Naturally Sweetened with Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener it is an easy to make low carb protein pancake which is gluten free, dairy free and without any added sugar.

Available in Woolworths and online nationally


Monk fruit Sweetened Toppings

Monk fruit Sweetened Toppings

(375ml bottles)

Lakanto Maple Flavoured Syrup replaces Maple syrup and other liquid sugar sweeteners as a topping or cooking ingredient. It is low carb, vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly. 

Lakanto Chocolate Flavoured Topping replaces Chocolate toppings and other liquid sugar sweeteners as a sugar free topping or cooking ingredient. It is low carb, vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly.

Lakanto Caramel Flavoured Topping replaces Caramel toppings and other liquid sugar sweeteners as a topping or cooking ingredient. It is low carb, vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly.

Range maple & toppings

Lakanto Golden Malt Syrup replaces Rice Malt Syrup with 75% less calories. Can also be used to replace golden syrup or honey as a topping or cooking ingredient. It is low carb, vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly. Available online and in Woolworths Nationally


The Opportunity:

  • Many end user outlets and bakeries are aware of the opportunity of health conscious consumers
  • Over 30,000 tonne of sugar are used by chef's per year in Australia
  • Even more volume is used in the finished bakery foodservice products
  • Calorie and dietary claims on menu are now mainstream, with growth in the low carb and no sugar lifestyle trend.

Lakanto's Educational Challenge:

  • Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener tastes and bakes like sugar! Many Chefs know the benefit of replacing added sugar but have had a bad experience using Stevia. Tasting Lakanto will overcome chef reservations about natural sweeteners and show there is no aftertaste or bitterness using Lakanto.
  • Lakanto costs more than sugar, but will grow your volume and profit. Sugar is cheap. Lakanto will cost more per kg but will grow your margin, footfall and consumption - when you call out the dietary benefits like low carb, low calorie, keto, diabetic friendly and refined sugar free.
  • Lakanto products support dietary claims as an ingredient eg keto, diabetic friendly, low carb, vegan, gluten free,  and lowers calorie declarations

The Foodservice Audience:

Lakanto wants to talk with the health aware professional chef/bakery and outlets first...
1) to replace sugar
2) to replace stevia and remove those aftertaste outcomes,
3) then educating other chefs, cooks and bakers about the benefit of no-sugar, keto, low carb, low calorie and diabetic friendly menu items.

Where do dietary aware chefs work?
1. Bakery    Bakeries who currently supply cafes and restaurants with products meeting dietary claims eg Gluten free or Vegan, will be very receptive to developing Keto/No-sugar/Diabetic products
2. Restaurants  To service dietary requests without compromising taste,   Attracting more diners & takeaway orders
3. Hotel/Motel  Service dietary requests & value add their snack or breakfast menu
4. QSR Independent  Lower calorie declarations. Target “health” QSR eg smoothie and salad bars already providing for dietary requests. 
5. Café  Target Keto/health conscious outlets first – coffee, breakfast & (Bakery)
6. Nursing homes & Hospitals - Providing diabetic safe options & better nutrition from full meal consumption is cheaper than medical intervention. Some kitchen budgets are supported to improve nutritional outcomes. (NB: Elderly taste buds lose sensitivity and crave more sugar & salt)
7. Clubs - Diabetic and weight conscious punters & more health conscious diners
8. Schools - Kitchen solution for replacing sugar and providing lower calorie meals & baked snacks for kids.

Additional Information Resources: